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Important Links:
Microsoft Lnks:
Search Microsoft Webcasts, Labs, Events
Events and Errors Message Center
Checklist: Set up, Configure, Implement Windows2003
Common Administrative Tasks W2003
Windows Server System Reference Architecture (WSSRA) replace by IPD in 2008
Microsoft Solution Accelerators
TechNet Romania
Advanced Search For Training Gold Partener
Training Search Partener Learing
Microsoft Operations Framework and Microsoft Solution Accelerators
PC Fundamentals and other data..
Free Windows Software from Microsoft
WebCast Calender
MS KB Article Easy Search

Troubleshooting BSOD ( Last updated 2007 )
Getting Started with kernel dumps
Debugging Tools for Windows
BSOD – Reference Stack Traces – Dmitry Vostokov

SCOM MP Catalog
Product Documentation
Web Casts SCOM
AuthorMP non MS
SCOM TechNet Documents
System Center Central Web Site
Another SCOM Web Site
Small Video Tutorials ( nu doar SCOM )
Fun – Coffe MP
Some SCOM Tools
Daily Update Blog ( check it daily )
Kevin Holman’s OpsMgr Blog ( check it daily )
BOB Blog
Monitoring Ex2007

SCOM Tutorial Trough Picture
Script Notification ( do not needed it if you have R2 )
Technet Forum SCOM
cpu 100% spikes
ESX Monitoring with SCOM
Troubleshooting Console Performance
Granular Targeting In Operations Manager 2007
Ports needed from Agent discover and publish
SCOM View Wildcards
Console Agent push Eroro Code
How to create new SCOM WorkSpace
SCOM DW Tables
Search SCOM overdata store event
SCOM univesirty
SCOM interopability
Get MS Failovers list
SCOM Blogs:
Monitori Services MP

Some Tutorials

SCOMCustom Reports
Type 1: Report Builder – Report models
Type2: SQL Queryes
Type3 : QSL Query and Authoring Console

SCOM GW: GW scenario ; GW2 ; GW cert

System center Gold Partener Web1
System center Gold Partener Web2

101 LINQ Samples

Big Brother:
Old Website
Scripts for Big Brother
How to config
Preview Extra Preview Extra 2

Tow Node Cluster Windows 2003
Install Clustering Service 2003
2008 Cluster problems disk
Win 2008 Cluster
Fail Over Cluster 1
Fail Over Cluster 2
Clustering with VM

Calculating Uptime
List Local administrators Powershell
Powershell Scripts
VBE Decoder
Scripting Center
Some scripts
Scripting Tools and Utilities

TS Gateway
TS Gateway 2
TS Gateway 3
Best Exam News Web site
Regisrty keys
IT Support Documents
Sharepoint Formuls
Debuging Time Service
Sharepoint 2007 install
Integrating Visio with other software

Posible fix Timedout

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