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Clean Ghost Orphaned entries in SCOM console

In case that you have Server or Objects that do not report correctly in SCOM you can check the SQL table  BaseManagedEntity.

You can check same table in case you want to delete Agents from the database directly or to the agents that somhow got Stuck ( they are not in Pending any longer but they are detected like Windows Computers in the state Not Monitored).

To do this

1) Check the values of the column IsDeleted  from the  table BaseManagedEntity by using the Query:

select * from BaseManagedEntity where FullName like ‘%FQDN of your computer%’

2) Set the value IsDeleted  for the objects to 1.

UPDATE dbo.[BaseManagedEntity] SET IsDeleted = 1 where FullName like ‘%FQDN of your computer%’

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